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Vol. 5, Iss. 2
February 10, 2016

Does The Pollution Exclusion Apply To Kangaroo Dung?
General Liability Insurance Coverage -- Key Issues In Every State Goes International!

It was brought to my attention that the 3rd Edition of General Liability Insurance Coverage -- Key Issues in Every State is for sale on ebay. That’s kinda surprising. But wait! That’s not even the half of it? Get ready for this…the seller is in Australia. Australia! Can you say koala bite exclusion.

Somehow an Australian ebay seller, named Ausreseller, thinks that there’s a market in Australia for the 3rd Edition of Insurance Key Issues. Not to mention that the price is 556 Australia Dollars, which is close to 400 real dollars, i.e., three times the price that you can get the book for at the publisher’s website. Good luck mate.

Don’t go to Australia to buy the 3rd Edition of Insurance Key Issues.

Get it here www.createspace.com/5242805 and use Discount Code NTP238LF for a 50% discount.

I mentioned to my 9 year old daughter that it was exciting that Key Issues was for sale on ebay. She commented: “Why’s that exciting? It means that someone bought it, saw how boring it is, and now they’re trying to get rid of it.” Actually, I hate to say it. But she’s right.

See for yourself why so many find it useful to have, at their fingertips, a nearly 800-page book with just one single objective -- Providing the rule of law, clearly and in detail, in every state (and D.C.), on the liability coverage issues that matter most.


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