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Vol. 13 - Issue 2

July 1, 2024


Insurance Key Issues: Still On Sale For 70% Off


I am happy to report that Insurance Key Issues is still on sale on Amazon for 70% off -- $75 total for volumes I and II ($37.50 each).  It has never been priced this low.  Heck, it’s about the same price as the burger, fries and Diet Coke that I bought at the Phillies game a couple of weeks back.

The 5th edition of Key Issues is a tad long in the tooth – its three-year anniversary is this week – but still a valuable resource.  And the 6th edition is not expected to be published until Fall 2025.  So the book still has some legs.   

If you’ve never had Key Issues but been wondering what all the hubbub is about or want to have a copy for both the home office and office office or are tired of sharing it with Bill down the hall who never returns it or leaves peanut butter residue on the cover, here’s a bargain basement way to do so.

More information on Insurance Key Issues here:  www.InsuranceKeyIssues.com




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