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Vol. 13 - Issue 2

July 1, 2024


ChatGPT Takes An Insurance Coverage Re-Test

Last Year I Gave The AI Tool An “F.”  This Year “C.”


Early last year I put ChatGPT to a test to determine the artificial intelligence gizmo’s acumen for insurance coverage. It scored an “F” – getting 4 out of 5 questions dead wrong. 
I decided to give it a re-test, including signing up (and paying) for the most up-to-date version. The AI technology was much improved. I gave it a “C.” While the advancement was dramatic, it still got some things very wrong. In addition, there were instances where it had a correct answer and should have quit while it was ahead. Instead, it went on to add some unnecessary commentary, which introduced vagueness and uncertainty to what could have been a much more accurate answer.      
Here is my lengthy and detailed report card on ChatGPT’s insurance coverage re-test:






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