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Vol. 12 - Issue 4

May 8, 2023


Smokey The Bear Is Probably Not This Insurer’s Mascot


I have long-enjoyed interesting names of insurance companies and have written about them in Coverage Opinions over the years.  My all-time favorite is Lightening Rod Mutual Insurance Company.  Here are a few others:

  • Accident Insurance Co. I hope they didn’t pay a naming consultant for that.
  • Balboa Insurance Company.  They must insure boxers.
  • Lewis & Clark LTC RRG, Inc.  Always exploring for coverage for its insureds.  
  • Elephant Auto Insurance Company.  They sell their policies for peanuts.

So, of course I was excited to come across this recent decision, from a Florida federal court, involving an unusually-named insurer.  I guess they issue fire policies.  Actually, I’m not sure what Accelerant does.  I checked out the insurer’s website.  I needed some vinaigrette to go with the word salad describing what they do.          




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