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Vol. 12 - Issue 4

May 8, 2023


This Insured Has A Lot To Say About Getting SCOTUS To Hear His Coverage Case


Sergei Vinkov, pro se, has been involved in incredibly protracted litigation with Brotherhood Mutual Ins. Co. over coverage, under a multi-part liability policy, for disparaging social media posts that he made about a solar panel company.  He claimed that his church was not receiving the promised savings in energy costs from use of the company’s solar panels.  There are about 30 decisions included on Lexis.  And more to come – he is now seeking SCOTUS review of a decision.   

There is zero chance that the United States Supreme Court will hear this appeal -- a garden variety breach of contract dispute under state law.  Zero.  Like, there’s a better chance I could beat Steph Curry in a three-point shooting contest. 

But Mr. Vinkov must not see it this way.  He filed an application with the high court to exceed the word limit in his petition for certiorari.  I guess that since he is trying to convince the justices to do the impossible, he needs as many words as possible.  His application to Justice Jackson, and then referred to the court was, get this, denied.  Vinkov v. Brotherhood Mutual Ins. Co., 2023 U.S. LEXIS 1611 (U.S. April 17, 2023).    





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