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Vol. 10 - Issue 2
March 8, 2021


RIP Vernon Jordan: My 2019 Interview With The Civil Rights Icon


I was saddened by last week’s passing of Vernon Jordan.  I had the privilege of interviewing the civil rights icon in October 2019 in his Washington, D.C. office.

I focused on Jordan’s role as a civil rights leader and lawyer at Akin Gump.  Nothing political.  Nothing about his close relationship to Bill Clinton.  But I did ask him about being considered “the most connected person in America.”  His response was perfect.  

Jordan knew that many people didn’t know that he was a civil rights leader.  He said to me: “Some people believe I was born on January 20, 1993” – referring to the date of Bill Clinton’s inauguration.  

The interview is reprised here.



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