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Vol. 10 - Issue 2
March 8, 2021


What Do You See?: Insurance Coverage Rorschach Test


When I see a new house being built, I do not think of the lucky family who will soon be making a lifetime of memories inside.  And when I see a building going up, I do not think about the business soon to be occupying it.   

Rather, in both cases, the image that appears before me is a future construction defect suit, followed by a dispute, between a builder and insurer, whether faulty workmanship is an “occurrence.”  This is my insurance coverage Rorschach test.

A couple of weeks back, while walking early-morning to the train station, I spotted the below. 

A snow plow hard at work, you say?

Not me.  I see a future additional insured coverage dispute.  [If you do additional insured work, you get it.] 

What’s your insurance coverage Rorschach test? 

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