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Vol. 10 - Issue 1
January 11, 2021


Winner Of “The Christmas Story Leg Lamp” Contest


In the Coverage Opinions “Best Of” Christmas Meets Insurance email, in mid-December, I mentioned last year’s New York federal court opinion in Cimato v. State Farm, No. 16-94A (W.D.N.Y. June 29, 2020).  At issue was coverage for a water loss under a homeowner’s policy.  A dispute arose over the contents of the home that had allegedly been damaged.

The opinion stated that, following an EUO, a State Farm investigator visited the insured’s home and photographed its contents, which included certain items that appeared on the insured’s final inventory of losses.  This was a long list of fairly mundane household items, until you got to Final inventory number 828: Christmas Story The Movie Leg Lamp!

That made me chuckle. 

I said I’d send a copy of Insurance Key Issues to the first person who sent me a picture of themselves with their cherished Christmas Story Leg Lamp.  OMGosh.  Someone actually responded! 

Peter J. Durand, Senior Legal Counsel and Senior Vice President of Swiss Re, in Detroit, sent me this picture of himself and his Christmas Story Leg Lamp.  Plus, as an added bonus, he informed me that it came from the gift shop in the house in Cleveland that is represented in the iconic film.  I was happy to send Peter a copy of Insurance Key Issues. 

There was no extra prize because the leg lamp came from the house in Cleveland.  But, I also did not disqualify Peter’s entry because he has a puny night-light version and not the 50" Deluxe Full Size Leg Lamp, regularly priced as $299.99 and now on sale for $219.00.  Really.  Check it out.  The night-light is $14.99.  Next time I’ll be more specific.  

Thanks Peter for having some fun with the Leg Lamp contest! 

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