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Welcome to the Coverage Opinions disclaimer. This is the page that shouldn’t be necessary. Everything that follows should be common sense to anyone that could figure out how to find this page in the first place. But in this day of lawyers suing Subway, because their “Footlong” sandwiches are sometimes only eleven inches long (really, go look it up), it is sadly necessary to have a page like this. The legal system has necessarily turned everyone into a Nervous Nellie.

Right off the bat -- Nothing contained in Coverage Opinions qualifies as legal advice. Second, simply because you have found this website, or subscribe to Coverage Opinions, does not mean that I am your lawyer. Therefore, if you read something in Coverage Opinions, take some action because of it, and then things go south, I am not responsible. Period.

Sometimes there are descriptions of cases or other stories in Coverage Opinions that are not real. They are simply provided for entertainment value. They are intended to serve as humor. You should be able to spot these. By way of just one example, in the “Randy Spencer’s Open Mic” column, Spencer is called the only stand-up comic to specialize in insurance. And there is a picture of a cartoon character doing stand-up. That should be a tip-off that something in the column may be just for laughs. But, nonetheless, if you read something anywhere in Coverage Opinions, and somehow think it’s real, and then tell other people about it, and they then turn around and tell you that it’s not real, and you now feel silly, I’m sorry.

So there you have it – the Coverage Opinions disclaimer. It should be unnecessary. But as the old saying goes…You can never be too rich or too thin or have too many disclaimers.

Randy Maniloff

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